Publié le 07/06/2022

A little love with "Yuck!" a film by Loïc Espuche in residence!

It's with humour and tenderness that Loïc Espuche tells us about the first loves in his new short film Yuck! in residence until September 30th.

Loïc Espuche is an animated film director. He obtained a BTS visual communication from La Martinière in Lyon and he learned animation at EMCA and La Poudrière. During his studies, he made funny and sensitive films that found a certain echo in festivals: Je repasserai dans la semaine (2013). In 2015 he won the Prize "Espoirs de l'animation" by Canal J with Les Chocottes. His graduation film, Tombés du nid, was pre-purchased by ARTE and win numerous selections. In 2016, Loïc took part in season 3 of En sortant de l'école devoted to Guillaume Apollinaire and adapted Mutation, a poem that rests on onomatopoeia (well, well...). He has also worked as animator, storyboarder and director on series, feature films and short films.

Yuck! is an initiatory comedy that follows the path of little Leo, 7 years old, who will face the shame of making a little kiss.

This film, produced by Ikki Films and Iliade & Films received production support. Director, Loïc Espuche, will be in residence from May 2nd 2022 to September 30th 2022.
Yuck! by Loïc Espuche
Ikki Films et Iliade & Films / 11' / computer 2D
Yuck! Couples kissing on the mouth are gross. And the worst is, you can’t miss them: when people are about to kiss, their lips become all pink and shiny. Little Leo laughs at them, just like all the kids at the summer camp. But he has a secret he won’t tell his friends: his own mouth has actually begun glistening.