Animation film fund

The Centre-Val de Loire Region and the French government entrusted Ciclic (the Agence Régionale du Centre pour le livre, l'image et la culture numérique) with the implementation of a dynamic program designed to support films and audiovisual media in order to encourage their diversity and emergence.

This program is implemented from the creation and filmmaking to the distribution to all publics, as close as possible to the territories.

Along with the opening of Ciclic Animation (new facilities for animation residencies supported by the Centre-Val de Loire Region), Ciclic decided to strengthen its action to encourage the production of animated films. In 2014, it created two new development support plans and in 2015, it created postgraduate grants in order to develop the support program for the production of animated short films which was implemented in March 2011:

Support for the production of animated short films

Development of animated feature films

Development of TV series/TV specials

Postgraduate grants – La Poudrière



Ciclic Animation