Animation EN - Actualités Sat, 27 Nov 2021 23:01:27 +0000 Catherine Manesse and her project "Vlassovo" at Ciclic Animation ! <div><span class="chapo">Winner of the Postgraduate grants in partnership with La Poudrière, Catherine Manesse starts the month of November with a residency for the development of her project </span><em class="chapo">Vlassovo</em><span class="chapo">.</span><br /><br /></div><div><strong>Catherine Manesse</strong> studied at the Gobelins and received her degree "Author and animation film designer". She continued her studies at La Poudrière in Valence (FRANCE) where she graduated in 2020. She directed Anna and <em>Manon go to the sea</em>, her stop-motion film. The young director is one of the winners of the Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire Postgraduate grants in partnership with the School La Poudrière for her short film <em>Vlassovo</em>. It deals with a personal experience and a childhood memory in Russia where the director explains how a simple event can mark a turning point or a break in childhood.<br /><br /></div><div><strong>This project has received a writing grant by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire and a residence programme financed by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire in partnership with La Poudrière and SACD. The director will be in residence from November 1st to November 30th.</strong></div><img src=""/> Wed, 03 Nov 2021 14:44:02 +0100 actualites Winner of Postgraduate grants : "Mouillette" by Joséphine Gobbi at Ciclic Animation <div style="text-align: justify;"><span class="chapo">Winner of the Postgraduate grants in partnership with La Poudrière, Joséphine Gobbi moves to Ciclic Animation for a month of residency for her first professional project </span><em class="chapo">Mouillette</em><span class="chapo">.</span><br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Josephine Gobbi</strong> studied 3D animation at Estienne (Paris). Then she continued her studies at EMCA in 2D specialization. In 2020, she left La Poudrière with her degree as a director of animated films. She directed the short film <em>Bonjour Monsieur</em>, her graduation film.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">Between drama and lightness, <em>Mouillette</em> talks about our relationship to objects after the mourning of a loved one and how an object can be loaded with a heavy affect and memories.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>This project has received a writing grant by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire and a residence programme financed by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire in partnership with La Poudrière and SACD. The director will be in residence from October 12th to November 12th.</strong></div><img src=""/> Wed, 20 Oct 2021 18:34:01 +0200 actualites The tender story of "Dad and I" by Olesya Shchukina: in residence at Ciclic Animation <div style="text-align: justify;"><span class="chapo">Winner of the Ciclic Prize in TV Series &amp; Specials Category at the 2021 MIFA Pitches, Olesya Shchukina begins her residency for her new project <em>Dad and I</em> which will be in development until November 12th, 2021 at Ciclic Animation.</span><br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Olesya Shchukina</strong> studied at the University of Cinema and Television in St Petersburg (Russia), and at the School of La Poudrière (France). Their short films <em>Le Vélo de l'éléphant</em> and <em>La Luge</em> were selected and rewarded by several international festivals. Olesya also worked for the feature film <em>Ma vie de Courgette</em> directed by Claude Barras, as a painter and illustrator. She was a decorator on the <em>Miru Miru</em> TV series co-directed by Haruna Kishi and Virginie Jallot. She worked on cut outs puppets for <em>Navozande, le musicien</em>, a short film directed by Reza Riahi.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">In 2019, Olesya illustrated 2 books: <em>Baka-bakyldyk</em> and <em>Le Poil de Baribal</em>. She made illustrations for children’s magazines <em>Georges, Graou!</em> and <em>Grilled Cheese</em> as well as for Facebook, Google, Enuma, Look At Media, Milan Presse etc.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">The story of<em> Dad and I</em> is a relationship between a father and his daughter but the film also talks about the subject of the move. How to get used to a new place, a new a new life and new people around us? It’s a story to learn about yourself in a new place.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>This film, produced by Easy Riders Films and Have a Nice Day Films, received development support. The director, Olesya Shchukina, will be in residence from September 13th to November 12th 2021.</strong></div><img src=""/> Tue, 21 Sep 2021 11:52:01 +0200 actualites 27 : An animated short film by Flóra Anna Buda <div style="text-align: justify;"><span class="chapo">The new season is the time of new residencies, including Hungarian director Flóra Anna Buda's one for the production of her next short film </span><em class="chapo">27</em><span class="chapo">.</span><br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Flóra Anna Buda</strong> is graduated as an animation director at MOME, Budapest. She is deeply interested in dreams and science but she likes to twist her stories with personal content. In 2018, she directed the short film <em>Entropia</em> selected in many festivals (including the competition in Berlinale).</div><div style="text-align: justify;"><em>27</em> is a story based on autobiographical events of some of the director’s friends. It tells the story is of a young adult woman who has no option but to live with her parents. Flóra Anna Buda points to the housing crisis, which is becoming a real problem in Eastern Europe.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>This film, produced by Miyu Productions and Boddah received production support. The director, Flóra Anna Buda, will be in residence from September 6th 2021 to March 11th 2022.</strong></div><img src=""/> Tue, 14 Sep 2021 10:19:39 +0200 actualites New short film in residence: "Via Dolorosa" by Rachel Gutgarts <div style="text-align: justify;"><span class="chapo">This is the start of several months of residency for Israeli director Rachel Gutgarts for the production of her short film </span><em class="chapo">Via Dolorosa</em><span class="chapo">.</span><br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Rachel Gutgarts</strong> is graduated from the animation department at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, with focus on experimental techniques, mainly animated silk screen prints. In 2017 She directed <em>A Love Letter to the One I Made Up</em>, her graduation film. It was screened at many film and animation festivals around the world.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">She has been collaborating in different projects with several independent artist-run studios in Israel and Europe. Currently based in Tel-Aviv, working as a freelance animator, editor and designer, alongside documentary filmmaking and experimental animation.</div><div style="text-align: justify;"><em>Via Dolorosa</em> is an introspective journey into the life of a 14-year-old girl lost to adult madness. The short film also draws a secret portrait of the city of Jerusalem.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>This film, produced by Miyu Productions received production support. The director, Rachel Gutgarts, will be in residence from September 6th 2021 to September 2nd 2022.</strong></div><img src=""/> Mon, 13 Sep 2021 09:05:26 +0200 actualites "Métaphysique des Tubes" by Liane-Cho Han: in residence at Ciclic animation! <div style="text-align: justify;"><span class="chapo">Adapted from Amelie Nothomb’s bestseller, Liane-Cho Han’s new project <em>Métaphysique des Tubes</em> will spend several weeks at the residence for the development of the film.</span><br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Liane-Cho</strong> is a French animator and storyboarder. A graduate of the Gobelins School in Paris in 2007, he works as an animator in feature films such as <em>Lucky Luke: Tous à l'ouest</em> and <em>L'illusionniste</em> by Sylvain Chomet. Then collaborates as a senior animator on the film <em>Zarafa</em>.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">Liane-Cho’s experience in animation led him to start a career in storyboarding and to take part in films such as <em>Asterix: Le Domaine des Dieux</em>, <em>Le Petit Prince</em> et <em>Tout en Haut du Monde</em> where he will also be the supervisor of 2D animation.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">Since 2018, he has been working with Rémi Chayé, on <em>Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary</em>, both in storyboarding and in animation direction.</div><div style="text-align: justify;"><em>Méthaphysique des Tubes</em> is an autobiography of Amélie Nothomb, who tells her life from birth to three years old.&nbsp;<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>This film, produced by aybe Movies and Ikki Films, received development support. The director, Liane-Cho Han, will be in residence from August 9th to October 8th 2021.</strong></div><img src=""/> Mon, 16 Aug 2021 08:48:20 +0200 actualites Denis Do’s new short film: "La Forêt de Mademoiselle Chen" <div style="text-align: justify;"><span class="chapo">After the success of <em>Funan, the new people</em>, Denis Do is currently preparing the production of his new short film <em>La Forêt de Mademoiselle Chen</em> at Ciclic Animation for several months of residency.</span><br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Denis Do</strong> was born in Paris in 1985. Passionate about image and drawing, he graduated in 2009 from the Gobelins school. He co-directed <em>Le Ruban</em>, his graduation short film, on a love story during the Chinese cultural revolution.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">He directed <em>Funan, the New People</em>, his first feature film inspired by his own mother’s story. This project received production support from Ciclic-Région Centre-Val de Loire. Part of the animation took place at Special Touch Studios in Vendôme. He won the Cristal for feature film at the 2018 Annecy International Animation Film Festival.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">Denis Do returns with a short film&nbsp; <em>La Forêt de Mademoiselle Chen</em> which is part of the continuity of the director’s work where the themes of family, memory and transmission are in the spotlight. La Forêt de Mademoiselle Chen tells us about heritage, both cultural, traditional, environmental and especially family.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>This film, produced by Special Touch Studios, received production support. The director, Denis Do, will be in residence from July 5th to December 31th 2021.</strong></div><img src=""/> Sun, 18 Jul 2021 09:20:14 +0200 actualites MIFA 2021 Pitches: the result of Ciclic Awards <div><span class="chapo">Ciclic, partner of the MIFA Pitches, presented the Ciclic Awards at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival on Friday, June 18, 2021. The MIFA Pitches is divided into 4 categories – Feature films, Short films, TV series &amp; specials, Digital experiences, let’s discover together the winners!</span><br /><br /></div><div>Congratulations to the 6 winners:<br /><br /></div><div style="padding-left: 30px;"><ul><li><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Ciclic Prize Short Films Category :<br /></span><em><strong>Margarethe</strong></em> by Lucas Malbrun (Eddy)<br />In the former GDR, Margarethe Lichgut, a fine arts student in Leipzig, falls in love with Heinrich, a young punk singer. When Heinrich mysteriously disappears, just before the wall comes down, Margarethe becomes paranoid and slowly loses contact with reality.<br /><br /></li><li><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Ciclic Prize - Shortway :<br /></span><em><strong>Pasos para volar</strong></em> by Nicolas Conte (OSA)<br />Locked up in a room that has an awning window, Bird is teaching Little Bird how to fly, even though he has no wings. The appearance of a mysterious briefcase will ruin his plans and reveal to Little Bird an unexpected possibility to escape.<br /><br /></li><li><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Ciclic Prize Feature Films Category :<br /></span><strong><em>In Waves</em></strong>&nbsp;by Phuong Mai Nguyen (Silex Films) <br />AJ and Kristen meet at high school in Los Angeles, and fall head over heels in love. While their love grows, Kristen's life is turned upside down by the illness. Together, they will fight adversity and enjoy their shared passion for surfing to the very end.<br /><em><strong><br />Porcelain Birds</strong></em>&nbsp;by Ru Kuwahata &amp; Max Porter Miyu Productions <br />In 1998, Kayo, a Japanese high school student, arrives in California for an exchange programme funded by Henry Hughes, an American billionaire. Kayo is struggling to fit into this culture.<br /><br /></li><li><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Ciclic Prize TV Series &amp; Specials Category :<br /></span><em><strong>Dad and I</strong></em>&nbsp;by Olesya Shchukina (Have a Nice Day Films - Easy Riders Films) <br />A dreamy-eyed teacher, Fiodor, and his curious 6-year-old daughter Alyona live peacefully in Pskov, a little village in Russia. A twist of fate gives them the chance to move to Paris where a new life awaits them. Each, in their own way, will try to adapt.'<br /><em><strong><br />What it takes</strong></em> by Fabien Corre et Kelsi Phụng (Les Astronautes) <br />19-year-old Binh questions their non-binarity. Thanks to Jeanne, a young transgender woman who opens the doors of her association, they discovers the LGBTI+ community and searches a place there where they belongs.</li></ul></div><img src=""/> Thu, 24 Jun 2021 11:27:19 +0200 actualites The winners of the 2021 Annecy Festival! <div><span class="chapo">The Annecy International Animation Film Festival is always a great surprise! The event took place from 14 to 19 June with more than 200 short and feature films on site and among them, 3 films supported by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire received an award including a Cristal!</span><br /><br /></div><div style="padding-left: 30px;"><ul><li><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Archipelago</strong></span> of Félix Dufour-Laperrière (Embuscade Films)<br />&gt; Jury Mention for a Feature Film<br /><br /></li><li><em><strong>The Crossing</strong></em> of Florence Miailhe (Les Films de l'Arlequin)<br />&gt; Jury Award for a feature film<br /><br /></li><li><em><strong>Vanille</strong></em> by Guillaume Lorin (Folimage)<br />&gt; Cristal for TV production</li></ul></div><div>Congratulations to all the film teams!</div><img src=""/> Tue, 22 Jun 2021 21:18:39 +0200 actualites PABLO PICO (composer) <p class="chapo">Pablo Pico is a French composer and musician known for his soundtracks. He has composed many scores for animated films including Cesar nominated feature film ADAMA directed by Simon Rouby and MARONA'S FANTASTIC TALE by Anca Damian. Regularly rewarded for his musical contributions to short films, feature films or documentaries, Pablo Pico has recorded with artists such as Alexandre Tharaud, Oxmo Puccino, Arthur H, Isabel Sörling or Luzmila Carpio.&nbsp;In 2020, he won the Best Soundtrack Award of the MONSTRA Lisbon Animated Film Festival and he has been nominated to the Lumières Awards 2021.</p><h4>selected works</h4><p><strong>Mum Is Pouring Rain</strong> by Hugo de Faucompret – Laidak Films - 26 min (TV Films in competition – Annecy 2021)<br /><strong>Step Into The River</strong> by Weijia Ma - 15 min<br /><strong>Marona's Fantastic Tale</strong> by Anca Damian - Aparte Films / Sacrebleu Productions - 90 min<br /><strong>Melting Heart Cake</strong> by Benoit Chieux - Folimage - 11 min<br /><strong>Opinci</strong> by Anton &amp; Damian Groves - 18 mn<br /><strong>Cyclists</strong> by Veljko Popovic - 7 min<br /><strong>A Tiger With No Stripes</strong> by Raul Robin Morales Reyes - Folimage - 8 min</p><img src=""/> Thu, 10 Jun 2021 14:25:46 +0200 actualites AMIN GOUDARZI (composer) <p class="chapo">I'm a film composer based in France. After studying musicology and film scoring in Tours, Lyon and Paris, I have composed the soundtrack of many short films (animated and live action), documentaries, web-series and video games. Currently I'm working on various European audiovisual projects. If you are interested by my work, please contact me, I would be happy to meet you.</p><h4>selected works</h4><p><strong>Snow Breaker adventures</strong> - POB Production (animated series in development)<br /><strong>Manifeste des 343, dans les coulisses d'un scandale</strong> by Valérie Jourdan (Documentary)<br /><strong>Bernard, Albert, et l'Empereur</strong> by Isabelle Rose (Documentary)<br /><strong>Vermillon</strong> by Geoffroy Virgery (Short film)<br /><strong>Tatoués</strong> by Jean-Baptiste Dusséaux (Short film)<br /><strong>Le Cycle des Neels</strong> - Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire (web series)</p><img src=""/> Thu, 10 Jun 2021 14:20:06 +0200 actualites PAULINE MOREAU (producer) - ALL IN ONE PRODUCTIONS <p class="chapo">All in One Production is a cinema company based in Tours. It's hiding a universe full of magical and oneirism. Our vocation is to support our artists to give birth to authentic productions. We produce live action shorts, music videos and animation shorts. We are coming in Annecy to found talents of tomorrow as well as international coproductions.</p><h4>Short films</h4><p><strong>Sedna</strong> by Aurélie Garnier – computer 2D – 8 min - in development<br />Through our principal character, a fisher, board in a travel into Groenland, discover our daily impact on the aquatic fauna and how we can improve that.<br />winner of the Studios Alhambra Prize in Annecy MIFA Pitches 2020</p><img src=""/> Thu, 10 Jun 2021 10:10:17 +0200 actualites CHRISTOPHE CAMOIRANO (producer) - GIRELLE PRODUCTION <p class="chapo">Girelle Productions was created in 2006 in Orleans, France and has opened a branch in Nice, French Riviera. We are a production company producing documentary films for television, and animated shor, featuresand TV series. Interested in the creative craft and peculiar artistical perspectives in the projects we are developing, we are committing to support graphic artworks and original points of view, no matter the various audiences targeted</p><h4>shorts films:</h4><p><strong>Sulaimani</strong> by Vinnie Ann Bose (India) – puppets, drawing on paper - 12 min (MIFA pitches short films Annecy 2021) - in development<br />Alia et Neena, deux jeunes Indiennes, viennent chacune diner au Sulaimani, un restaurant indien à Paris. Le repas fait ressurgir chez elles certains souvenirs qui nous révèlent peu à peu pourquoi elles ont quitté leur pays. Alia ne supportait plus la culture de l'Inde traditionnelle et était en conflit avec sa famille. Neena doit subvenir aux besoins de son mari et de ses enfants restés au pays. Si leurs raisons sont différentes, elles sont en proie à une même nostalgie au cours de ce diner qui les ramène un peu plus près de chez elles.</p><p><strong>Colocation sauvage</strong> by Armelle Mercat – ink on tracing paper - 14 min – in production<br />Une chèvre idéaliste décide de construire une cabane en pleine jungle pour s'y installer.&nbsp;Le déroulement des travaux va l'amener à partager les lieux avec de dangereux colocataires qu'une chèvre avisée n'aurait jamais dû être amenée à côtoyer. Heureusement, elle va réussir à toucher l'un d'entre eux et à établir une cohabitation pacifique au prix, cependant, d'une prise de conscience de la férocité du monde qui manquera de peu de lui coûter la vie.<br />COPRODUCTION Les Astronautes<br />PRÉACHAT BIPTV (dans le cadre du COM Centre-Val de Loire)</p><p><strong>L'Incendie</strong> by Nicolas Rolland – computer 2D – 12 min – in production<br />Arrière-pays provençal. Été 1972.&nbsp;Au loin, un départ de feu. Alain part avec les hommes du village combattre les flammes en attendant l'arrivée des pompiers. Restée seule avec son fils Simon, Chantal doit faire tourner la fromagerie et s'occuper du troupeau. Même s'ils ne savent pas se parler, Chantal et Simon vont devoir vivre ensemble pour la première fois. De son côté, l'incendie s'approche dangereusement de la ferme toujours aucune nouvelle d'Alain.<br />PRÉACHAT France Télévisions</p><p><strong>Trona Pinnacles</strong> by Mathilde Parquet – drawing on paper, computer 2D – 13 min - 2020<br />Gabrielle finds herself stuck near Death Valley, between two parents who no longer speak to each other. The situation seems impossible, until an unexpected event comes to unravel everything...<br />COPRODUCTION Novanima Productions<br />PRÉACHAT Canal+</p><img src=""/> Wed, 09 Jun 2021 17:56:43 +0200 actualites NIDIA SANTIAGO (producer) IKKI FILMS <p class="chapo">Ikki Films has been producing and co-producing original and innovative films since 2011, both in animation and live action. At Ikki Films we are driven by international openness, whether through the subjects of our films or by the nationality of the directors with whom we work (Colombia, Mexico, Serbia, Lithuania, Germany, Japan, United States, etc.). What drives us is finding new universes, combination of genres, diversity. A bold and unique vision of the world. Our films have been selected in more that 700 festivals, including Cannes, Locarno, Annecy, Berlinale, SWSX (US), Hiroshima, Hot Docs, Zinebi, among others, 1 Oscar nomination and 1 Annie Award nomination. In February 2020 we received the short film producer award from Procirep.</p><h4>Short Films</h4><p>Love in Plans by Claire Sichez – 2021 - 2D digital animation - 15 min (short films in competition - Annecy 2021)<br />Horacio by Caroline Cherrier – 2020 - 2D digital animation - 10 min (short films in competition - Annecy 2021)<br />Sheep, Wolf And A Cup Of Tea... by Marion Lacourt – 2019 - paint on glass and drawing on celluloid - 12 min<br />Riviera by Jonas Schloesing 2018 - pencil on paper, computer 2D - 15 min<br />Sahara Palace by Zélie Durand – 2018 - Stop motion and live action - 12 min</p><h4>Feature Films</h4><p>Sick Sick Sick by Alice Furtado – 2019 - In coproduction with Estdio Giz, Baldr Film<br />Selections: Directors' Fortnight 2019, Karlovy Vary, LALIFF, Denver Film Festival, Brooklyn Horror Fest, Cucalorus Film Festival, AFI Latin, American Film Festival<br />Tropical Virus by Santiago Caicedo - 2018 - computer 2D - Produced by Timbo Estudio with the support of PROIMÁGENES Colombia<br />Selections: Annecy, Berlinale-Generation, SXSW, etc.</p><h4>In development</h4><p>Character of Rain by Liane-Cho Han - computer 2D - Coproduced with Maybe Movies</p><p><strong>Looking for coproducers, investors, distributors</strong></p><img src=""/> Wed, 09 Jun 2021 17:34:07 +0200 actualites Argentine Project at Ciclic Animation : "El after del Mundo" by Florentina González <div class="chapo" style="text-align: justify;">Winner of MIFA’s Pitch in Shortway category in 2020, Florentina González will be at Ciclic Animation until July 3th 2021 for her new short film <em>El after del Mundo</em>.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Florentina González</strong> studied Animation and Visual Arts at the National School of Art where she currently teaches.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">Her graduation short <em>Tiny Snout and the Hare Migration</em> is in its first year of circulation in festivals and has already won multiple national awards and participated in international festivals such as Chilemonos (Chile), Glas (United States) and GUFA (Hong Kong).</div><div style="text-align: justify;">She is currently working on the organization of the Bit Bang Fest Animation Festival and works freelance in different studios.</div><div style="text-align: justify;"><em>El after del Mundo</em> imagine a kind of story about us without us. A landscape where there is no longer internet and only our remains are left to tell who we were.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>This film received production support. The director, Florentina González, will be in residence from June 8th to July 3th 2021.</strong></div><img src=""/> Tue, 08 Jun 2021 09:40:25 +0200 actualites A dose of love and emotion with "Next?" by Christel Guibert at Ciclic Animation <div style="text-align: justify;"><span class="chapo">A speed-dating not quite like the others through the short film of Christel Guibert. The director will be at Ciclic Animation until 8th October 2021 for the production of </span><em class="chapo">Next?</em><span class="chapo">.</span><br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;">Initially an illustrator, <strong>Christel Guibert</strong> began working in animation in the 1990s as an assistant animator and intervallist for films such as <em>La Prophétie des grenouilles</em> de Jacques-Rémy Girerd or the series Mine de rien and <em>Ma petite planète chérie</em> produced by Folimage. After passing through the Poudrière school, she became the decorator and then animator on projects such as <em>Phantom Boy</em> by Gagnol and Felicioli or the series <em>Tu mourras moins bête</em>, season 2.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><em>Next?</em> is her first professional short film. He explores the subject of the difficulty of communicating. The short film shows «visually» these obstacles and puts authenticity, sensitivity and movement at the heart of the narrative structure. It is through the feeling of love that the film explores the behaviors and difficulties that the characters have in accepting their differences.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>This film, produced by Folimage, received production support. The director, Christel Guibert, will be in residence from June 7th to October 8th 2021.</strong></div><img src=""/> Mon, 07 Jun 2021 13:22:42 +0200 actualites CICLIC AND REGION CENTRE VAL-DE-LOIRE IN ANNECY <p class="chapo">Created from the cooperation between the Centre-Val de Loire Region and the French State, the agency pursues&nbsp;a committed policy to promote publishing and audivisual projects with a supportive, creative and shared cultural&nbsp;ambition throughout the urban and rural territory and among all ages.&nbsp;Supporting creativity and artistic potential in artists and professionals for the benefit of the region's population,&nbsp;encouraging discovery and learning that foster harmonious living represents the core of Ciclic Centre Val de Loire's ambitions. The Agency also hopes to act as a mechanism for the territory's economic development, but within a&nbsp;national, European and international perspective.</p><p class="chapo">In 2000, the agency created a residence and a film fund edicated to animation, Ciclic Animation</p><h4>&nbsp;</h4><h4>Films in selections</h4><p><span>With 6 films in selection in the different categories,&nbsp;2021 is a good year for animation in Centre-Val de Loire. </span></p><p>2 shorts in competition: Love in Plan directed by Claire Sichez (Ikki Films) and The World Within directed by Sandrine Stoïanov &amp; Jean-Charles Finck (Caïmans Productions)</p><p>2 feature films in competition: Archipel directed by Felix Dufour-Laperrière (Embuscade Films) and The Crossing directed by Florence Miailhe (Les Films de l'Arlequin)</p><p>1 TV special in competition: Vanille directed by Guillaume Lorin (Folimage)</p><p>1 feature film in WIP: The Siren directed by Sepideh Farsi (Les Films d'Ici)</p><p><span>You'll find all the informations on the films <a href="">here</a>.</span></p><h4>&nbsp;</h4><h4>Ciclic - Centre-Val de Loire partner of the MIFA pitches in Annecy</h4><p>Since 2008, Ciclic is a partner of MIFA Pitches in the short film category. In 2021, Ciclic will give prizes in 4 catogries: short films, feature films, TV films nd Shortway. Discover the winning project during the Pitches awards ceremony on Friday 18th June.</p><p><a href="">MIFA Pitches partners and prizes</a></p><p><a href="">discover the projects</a></p><h4>&nbsp;</h4><h4>Ciclic Animation, a residence for animation</h4><p>Enter Ciclic Animation, the residence for animation of Ciclic - Centre-Val de Loire and discover residents work spaces (2D room, stop-motion sets, animation stand room, production office and apartments as well. You'll like the charm of Vendôme and a unique place dedicated to animation directors and their teams. Maybe you'll be a resident soon.</p><p><a href="">discover Ciclic Animation</a></p><h4>&nbsp;</h4><h4>A Film fund for animation</h4><p><strong>Production scheme for animated shorts</strong><br />Maximum amount: 50 000 € per project<br />2 sessions a year (next deadline: September 17th)<br /><span><a href="">deadlines and regulations</a></span></p><p><strong>Development scheme for animated feature films</strong><br />Flat amount: 25 000 € per project<br />Projects are selected among those presented in Cartoon Movie&nbsp;Bordeaux or Mifa Pitches Annecy (no direct application to Ciclic)<br /><span><a href="">regulations</a></span></p><p><strong>Development scheme for animated TV series &amp; TV specials</strong><br />Flat amount: 25 000 € per project<br />Projects are selected among those presented in Cartoon Springboard Valencia&nbsp;<span>or Mifa Pitches Annecy (no direct application to Ciclic)</span><br /><a href="">regulations</a></p><p><strong>International co-development fund for feature films (live action, documentary, animation)</strong><br />Maximum amount: 40 000 € per project<br />2 sessions a year (next deadline: TBA)<br /><a href="">deadlines and regulations</a></p><h4>&nbsp;</h4><h4>Find your local partner in Centre-Val de Loire</h4><p>This year 3 production companies and 2 composers will be in Annecy to meet you and build new cooperations. Get all the informations on their projects and their contacts by clicking on their names and schedule an appointment:</p><p><a href="">Nidia Santiago</a> (producer - Ikki Films - Tours), <a href="">Christophe Camoirano</a> (producer - Girelle Production - Orléans), <a href="">Pauline Moreau</a> (producer - All in One Productions - Tours), <a href="">Amin Goudarzi</a> (composer - Tours) and <a href="">Pablo Pico</a> (composer - Tours).</p><img src=""/> Tue, 01 Jun 2021 14:45:55 +0200 actualites The winners of the professional commission for animated shorts films - April 2021 <div class="chapo"><span style="font-size: 14.69px;">The members of the jury met on Tuesday, April 27th 2021 to choose the winners of the professional commission for animated shorts films. The winning projects will have the privilege to benefit from a production support for shorts by Ciclic Centre-Loire Valley Region as well as a residence in Ciclic Animation.<br /><br /></span></div><div>Four winning projects :<br /><br /></div><div style="padding-left: 30px;"><ul><li><strong><em>Beurk !</em></strong>&nbsp;by Loïc Espuche (Ikki Films - Iliade &amp; Films)</li><li><strong><em>L'Invention de la voix</em></strong>&nbsp;by Gianluigi Toccafondo (Miyu Productions)</li><li><strong><em>Un conte très tordu</em></strong>&nbsp;by Jean-Luc Gréco &amp; Catherine Buffat (Les Films à Carreaux)</li><li><strong><em>La Vie avec un idiot</em></strong>&nbsp;by theodor Ushev (Miyu Productions)</li></ul></div><img src=""/> Tue, 18 May 2021 19:53:04 +0200 actualites Bokang Koatja: winner of the Digital Lab Africa #4 at Ciclic Animation! <div style="text-align: justify;"><span class="chapo">Winner in the Animation category of Digital Lab Africa, Bokang Koatja will spend a month in residence to work on his film </span><em class="chapo">Mannerisms</em><span class="chapo">.&nbsp;&nbsp;</span><br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Bokang Koatja</strong> studied at Wits University in Johannesburg where he learned 3D Animation, Character Design and Visual Development. Then, he worked as 2D and 3D animator on several projects. (Luma Animation, Mind’s Eye Creative, Tshimologong Precinct...)</div><div style="text-align: justify;"><em>Mannerisms</em> is his first professional project. The story is inspired by his personal experience : the suicide of a friend at age 13. The project deals with the themes of loneliness and depression. Mental illness is highly misunderstood by black South African family but the film will relate to a global audience as depression and mental illness is something felt throughout the planet.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong><em>Mannerisms</em> was the winner of Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire's Prize at Digital Lab Africa #4. The director, Bokang Koatja, will be in residence from May 6th to May 28th 2021.</strong></div><img src=""/> Mon, 10 May 2021 11:03:39 +0200 actualites "Piteous liaisons" : a new stop-motion short film at Ciclic Animation <div class="chapo" style="text-align: justify;">Between desires, trouble and hesitation, Piteous liaisons celebrate the discovery of the homosexual feelings of young teenage girls.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>Chloé Alliez</strong> obtained a master’s degree in animation in 2015. The same year, she began as an animation assistant, then head of compositing.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">In 2016, she worked on stop-motion animated films (including <em>Petit Pirate&nbsp;</em>directed by Studio Tabasco) until May 2017, then she began co-creating the animated series <em>World in (stop)Motion</em> with Violette Delvoye.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">In 2016, <strong>Violette Delvoye</strong> obtained a master’s degree in animation at ENSAV La Cambre. In 2016, she started working on different projects as an animator.</div><div style="text-align: justify;">Finally, in February 2018, Chloé Alliez and Violette Delvoye began the development of the short film <em>Piteous liaisons</em>.<br /><br /></div><div style="text-align: justify;"><strong>This film, produced by Zorobabel in coproduction with Vivement lundi !, received production support. The directors, Chloé Alliez and Violette Delvoye, will be in residence from April 28th to August 13th 2021</strong></div><img src=""/> Wed, 28 Apr 2021 09:59:22 +0200 actualites