Two-bedroom apartment

Carrez law* 67.66m apartment (116.82m² floor surface) in the roof space, located on the second floor of the building, it has a living area with an equipped kitchen, two bedrooms and a shower room with toilets.


address: 1 allée de Yorktown 41100 Vendôme France

long-term parking spaces are available on the Rochambeau car park (behind the building).


• living area: 8.67m x 3.70m, that is 32.08m² Carrez law (11.43m x 5.69m, that is 65.04m² floor surface)

• 1st bedroom: 3.56m x 2.69m, that is 9.57m² Carrez law (3.56m x 3.62m, that is 12.89m² floor surface)

• 2nd bedroom: 4.01m x 2.69m, that is 10.79m² Carrez law (4.01m x 3.62m, that is 14.52m² floor surface)

• shower room: 2.69m x 1.93m, that is 5.19m² Carrez law (2.69m x 1.93m, that is 5.19m² floor surface)

• corridor: 9.64m x 1.04m, that is 10.03m² Carrez law (9.64m x 1.99m, that is 19.18m² floor surface)


Treaded PVC floor in the living area and the bedrooms, and type B gray stoneware tiles in the bathroom. Walls covered in mat white painting.


Heating is provided by a 1500W electrical convector in the main room and the bedrooms, and by a 1000W heated towel rail in the bathroom.

Hot water is provided by a 100L electric water heater.


RJ45 sockets for Internet connection in the bedrooms and the living area

no telephone access from the apartments

no TV connection


smoke detector installed in the apartment corridor

CO2 fire-extinguisher installed in the apartment corridor.


possibility to forward your mail to the following address: 1 allée de Yorktown (access to a private mailbox)


• equipped kitchen: table-top refrigerator, oven, ceramic hob, washing machine/tumble drier, dishwasher, hood (all the tableware and small household appliances are furnished), one table, 6 chairs, one lower cabinet.

• living area: one sofa bed (2 persons), two armchairs, one television cabinet, one lower cabinet, one dining table

• bedrooms: one double bed, one bedside table, one chest of drawers and one wardrobe (bedding is furnished: 2 sets of sheets per bedroom and 1 set for the sofa).

• shower room: shower cubicle, toilets, washbasin (residents must bring their own bath towels).


*Usable surface area. The parts of less than 1.80 meters in height are excluded.


Ciclic Animation


Ciclic charges a monthly flat fee for the rental of apartments. These packages include additional charges (water, electricity, heating, Internet access).

Two-bedroom apartment price: €500 per month