La Poudrière

In order to strengthen its animation support program, Ciclic implements with la Poudrière, the animation school in Bourg-lès-Valence, a new collaborative project between filmmakers and screenwriters.


In 2014, Ciclic increased its support program for the production of short films and created new supports for the development of feature films and TV series. In 2015, Ciclic implemented a new program (call for projects) for graduates in order to support them during the development phase (writing). Ciclic decided to launch this project in collaboration with the film school la Poudrière, the former students of which have shown their ability to initiate projects. They even receive supports from Ciclic on a regular basis (support for the production of short films or support for the development of feature films/TV series).

This call for projects is exclusively designed for the graduating class of la Poudrière. The author(s) present their projects and Ciclic and la Poudrière select four of them. The presentation file must include a note of intent, graphic research and a showreel. Several authors can present the same project. If they are selected, they will be the co-authors/directors of the short film.

This grant is a screenwriting selective aid of €3,000 provided by Ciclic and the Centre-Val de Loire Region and focuses on the development of a short film. It aims at encouraging the cooperation between screenwriters and directors from the design stage by working simultaneously on narrative (screenplay) and visual writing (graphics, mise-en-scène).


Fatou N'Dof by Charlie Belin, L'Incendie by Nicolas Rolland, Les Nouveaux Hommes by Loïc Espuche and Trona Pinnacles by Mathilde Parquet


La Fée des roberts by Léahn Vivier Chapas, La Meute by Antoine Bieber, Newton by Eugene Boitsov and Prends chair by Armin Assadipour


Why the Whale d'Adeline Faye, La Fausse Jeanne d'Antoine Delebarre, La Déroute d'Etienne Baillieu, Kush Mir in Tokhes de Mor Israeli


Le Bâteau de Thésée de Mathilde Roy, Gemini d'Hippolyte Cupillard, Nuits blanches de Janis Aussel, Sulaimani de Vinnie Ann Bose


Fragments de Daniella Schnitzer, Ma footballeuse à moi de Cheyenne Canaud-Wallays, No Future de Manon David, Salsa ! de Mitchelle Tamariz


Jean-Luc d'Hugo Glavier, Mouillette de Joséphine Gobbi, La Tortue sans toit de Laurène Braibant, Vlassovo de Catherine Manesse


Le Corbeau et les mulots d'Ekin Koca, Dans le mille de Salomé Châtelain, Le Désert épilogue de Nicolas Verdier, Marianne affronte la nuit de Gaspar Chabaud


Besides this important grant for young directors, we thought it was essential to create an appropriate environment for the launching of a first professional project as well as to provide a strong support to these authors.

First work phase: in order to focus on this first development phase, la Poudrière receives the authors of the four projects during a 1-week writing residency. The academic director of la Poudrière ensures the educational supervision. Professional screenwriters - one story editor and four screenwriters (one per project) - also take part in this residency.
Along with the directors, the story editor (Virginie Boda, who works with la Poudrière and the CEEA, Conservatoire Européen d'Ecriture Audiovisuelle) carries out an initial analysis of the projects and then launches the project with the screenwriters. They work in pairs (screenwriter/director).
La Poudrière gives priority to screenwriters who graduated from the CEEA (graduating class), which also takes part in the project. The school aims at developing its narrative and visual writing approach via its "Scriptwriters and filmmakers" training course. The school also aims at giving the screenwriters the opportunity to collaborate with animated film directors on a concrete project, as soon as they enter the professional world.

Second work phase: then, Ciclic receives the authors in Vendôme the authors during a 1-month development residency. They will have the opportunity to meet animated film directors joining the Ciclic residency, as well as their producers or technicians who will analyze their project on the artistic, production and/or technical levels. They will be immersed into a creation, emulation and experimentation world which will push their project forward.

This support for authors is funded by Ciclic, la Poudrière and the SACD.



Ciclic Animation

Sharing experiences and skills

Ciclic supports audiovisual experts of the Centre-Val de Loire Region wishing to develop their animation projects by offering professional training courses. In 2015, Ciclic offered the producers and organizations of the Centre-Val de Loire Region a first short training course about financing animated films. In 2016, the training course will focus on how to read a storyboard.

La Poudrière takes part in the conception and creation of these training courses in order to meet the needs of the producers who start out in the animation industry. Ciclic ensures the implementation and supervision.