Ciclic provides teams in residence with the infrastructure they need to create animated films, regardless of the technique they use (except 3D computer techniques). Therefore, they can work on the animation, development or writing of short or feature film projects for the film industry and of films or series for television.

The work rooms are located on the first floor, on both sides of the main hall of the building, with the room for direct animation with camera to the east (stop motion and rostrum camera) and the room for 2D animation to the west (on paper or computer).

The residents have permanent access to Ciclic Animation (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). Upon arrival, residents receive a badge to access the building as well as an entry pass.

They can also use Ciclic Animation's projection room in order to test their work or watch a film on a big screen to relax in the evenings. They have access to the library and the video library, which are specialized in animation (books, magazines and DVDs), as well as to the common kitchen, to cook and eat their meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Ciclic can also put three offices at the disposal of the residents. They can be used by a director who doesn't wish to work in a common room (2D animation) or as an extra space for other work phases (preparation of elements for animation, post production, etc.). These offices of about 10m² are furnished according to the needs of their occupants.


Ciclic Animation


Ciclic charges a flat fee for the rental of premises and equipment. These packages include all additional charges (water, electricity, heating, Internet access, etc.) and are valid regardless of the technique used and the number of people in the film crew.

from 1 to 4 consecutive months of residence: €1.200 per month of presence

from 5 to 6 consecutive months of residence: €1.100 per month of presence

beyond 6 consecutive months of residence: €1.000 per month of presence