Since 2008, Ciclic is a partner of the call for projects organized during the Annecy International Animation Film Market (MIFA).

Call for projects for short films

9 short film projects received a prize from Ciclic since the beginning of our partnership. The Ciclic Prize is a €35,000 grant minimum offered by the Centre-Val de Loire Region. Ciclic receives the winners during a residency in Vendôme for the animation or filming stages.

The winners are: Le Môme Tintouin by Loïc Malo (France - 2008), Planet Z by Momoko Seto (Japan - 2009), Le Banquet de la concubine by Hefang Wei (China - 2010), Tempête sur anorak by Paul Cabon (France - 2011), Beach Flags by Sarah Saïdan (Iran - 2012), Yùl et le serpent by Gabriel Harel (France - 2013), Alphonse s'égare by Jean-Luc Gréco & Catherine Buffat (France - 2014), Vent de fête by Marjolaine Perreten (Switzerland - 2015) and Carpelle by Tibor Banoczki & Sarolta Szabo (Hungary - 2016)

Call for projects for TV series and specials

Since 2014, Ciclic awards prizes for TV projects. The prize is a €25,000 grant for development support. Ciclic receives the winners during a 2-month development residency (storyboard, animation, making of the pilot, graphic research, scale models, etc.).

The winners are: Une semaine de Ferme l'Oeil by Claire Sichez, Maï N'Guyen and Claire Paoletti (France - 2014), Weekend ? by Eloïc Gimenez (France - 2015), Vanille by Guillaume Lorin (France - 2015) and Planthéon by Thomas Pons (France - 2016)

Call for projects for Animation du monde

In 2015, CITIA asked Ciclic to become a partner of a new call for projects called "Animation du Monde" (World Animation), aiming at spotlighting territories with limited animation production capacities. The partners (Folimage and Ciclic) chose the preschool series project called Muzi & Kuku and directed by Tim & Candice Argall. The creators were awarded with a 1-month residency for graphic development (Folimage, Valence, February 2016) and a 1-month residency for development (Ciclic Animation, Vendôme, May 2016). Tim and Candice pitched their project in Annecy in June 2016 and presented their new pilot. A co-production contract was signed between Bugbox Animation (Johannesburg) and Folimage Studio (Valence). It is the first animation co-production project between South Africa and France.

Following the success of Animation du Monde, it became in 2016 a category on its own within the Mifa Pitches. Ciclic will receive the director (with or without a member of his/her team) for one month in order to work on the development of his/her project (short film or series).

The winners are: Muzi & Kuku by Tim & Candice Argall (South Africa - 2015), Dog Days by Tato Kotetishvili (Georgia - 2016), Fairy Wheels by Clea Mallinson (South Africa - 2016), Riga's Lilac by Lizete Murovska (Latvia - 2016)