2D room

A 65m² open space that can hold up to 10 work stations (paper or computer drawing) with 2 black boxes the shooting of images and two racks to place the drawings (90 compartments for A3 drawings).


Room of 8.80m x 7.35m, that is a 65.12m² usable area including two black boxes for the shooting of drawings.
box 1: 2.54m x 1.41m, that is 3.58m² painted in mat black
box 2: 2.34m x 1.41m, that is 3.30m² painted in mat black
ceiling height: 4.00m


black resin slabs.


The walls are covered in mat white painting.


A high-performance VRF (variable refrigerant flow) type reversible air-conditioning system ensures heating and air-conditioning.
A high-efficiency double-flow central system ensures the building's ventilation.


in the open space:

1 16A socket at 1.20m above the floor;
8 multiple-socket blocks above the base board (1 16A UPS-linked socket, 1 16A normal socket, 1 RJ 45 socket).

in each box:

1 multiple-socket block above the base board (1 16A UPS-linked socket, 3 16A normal sockets, 2 RJ 45 sockets).

The various computers used for the same project are connected together in a network (with a master computer).
For an additional data back-up, possibility to access Ciclic Animation's private and safe general network. An external hard drive can also be provided (the data will be kept for 3 months after departure of the resident).
Residents also have access to a networked scanner and printer.


The closest delivery access (with temporary parking space) is located to the south of the building.
Long-term parking spaces are available on the Rochambeau car park (behind the building).
The room is accessible to people with reduced mobility (first floor).


Ciclic Animation is a 4th category, Y-L type ERP building:

- maximum capacity of 75 people
- 8 emergency exits (two emergency exits near the 2D room, located to the north and south of the building)
- 6-liter water additive fire-extinguishers and 2-liter CO2 fire-extinguishers
- CCTV cameras.


close access to sanitary facilities.
(hot and cold) water supply in the room.