Publié le 11/05/2022

A committed series: "Pour exister" by Kelsi Phung and Fabien Corre

The duo, Kelsi Phung and Fabien Corre, took their place at the residence for the development of their new project. Between the quest for identity and discrimination, Pour exister is a series that highlights, in a strong and sensitive way, the LGBTI+ community.

In 2014, Kelsi Phung finished eir first year at the EMCA School. They continued eir studies and graduated from the Gobelins. Kelsi has done several internships in animation including on Pépé le morse by Lucrèce Andreae and on the short film La Nuit des sacs plastiques by Gabriel Harel, two films supported by Ciclic Animation. They co-directed the short film Phase M in 2015 and Les Lèvres gercées during eir studies at Gobelins in 2018. They also works in illustration. Eir activism around LGBTI+ and racialized communities is reflected in eir overall graphic work.  

Fabien Corre graduated from Gobelins.
They also worked on several projects including Pépé le morse and La Nuit des sacs plastiques. Recently, Fabien co-directed the short film Les Lèvres gercées with Kelsi and worked on the feature film J'ai perdu mon corps directed by Jérémy Clapin.

Pour exister draws different portraits of transgender people fighting for their rights. The series aims to change the way minorities are viewed and to immerse themselves in the heart of the LGBTI+ community.

This project, produced by Les Astronautes, received development fund and will be in residence from May 2nd to July 1st, 2022.

Pour exister by Kelsi Phung and Fabien Corre
Les Astronautes / 8x26' / computer 2D
"Pour exister" is an animated series project which seeks to give a voice to the daily life and to the struggles of trans and non-binary people through slices of life sensitive from the point of view of the people concerned.