Development support for TV series/TV specials

Development support is dedicated to TV series or TV specials at the design, writing or development stages of the projects and intended primarily for television release.

Several phases of work can be considered at this step: graphic research, storyboard, animation test, animatic, pilot, etc.

This support concerns projects carried out by production companies acting as producers or co-executive producers (upon presentation of a contract). The producer will have to take on the artistic, technical and financial responsibility of the project and be able to provide a contract for transfer of copyright, dated and signed, with the projects' author(s)/director(s).

Every animation technique is accepted.

The funding amount for animated TV series or TV special is of €25,000 per project.

Ciclic doesn’t organize specific call for projects. However, the selection is based on the projects pitched at Annecy MIFA TV PItches 2022, Festival national du film d'animation - Rennes Pitches 2022, CEE Animation TV Pitches in Liberec 2022 and Cartoon Springboard in Valencia 2021.

Deadlines to apply to Liberec CEE Animation Forum (category series/TV specials): TBA

Deadline to apply to Annecy MIFA Pitches TV: February 7th 2023

Deadline to apply to Valencia Cartoon Springboard Pitches TV: September 2nd 2022


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