Publié le 15/10/2019

The world of "Terra Incognita" at Ciclic Animation

Pernille Kjaer is an independent animation filmmaker and artist, born in 1989 in Denmark, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in character animation. 
Since graduating from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark in 2015 she has made a number of short animated films and other film and art related projects, combining animation, art and music. 

Adrian Dexter is a filmmaker and illustrator currently based out of Viborg Denmark. He Graduated with BA in Animation from the Animation Workshop in 2012. He spent Two years working in the visual effects industry in Stockholm before returning to Denmark to start his own company ‘Precious Metals i/s’. He has been working on various Personal and Commercial animation projects and teaching in Viborg since. 

Terra Incognita explores anthropological and mythological themes. 

This project has received a production support for animated shorts. Directors, Adrian Dexter and Pernille Kjaer, will be in residence from October 14th to April 17th 2020.
Terra Incognita by Adrian Dexter & Pernille Kjaer
Ikki films / computer 2D / 15'
Terra Incognita follows life on a mysterious island, inhabited by immortal beings. These beings lead a pre-civilized life forgotten by time, spending their endless days in hedonistic lethargy. Through anecdotal vignettes, the film tells the story of what happens when these beings are visited by the outside world, and whether or not there is a greater meaning to it all.