Publié le 20/10/2021

Winner of Postgraduate grants : "Mouillette" by Joséphine Gobbi at Ciclic Animation

Winner of the Postgraduate grants in partnership with La Poudrière, Joséphine Gobbi moves to Ciclic Animation for a month of residency for her first professional project Mouillette.

Josephine Gobbi studied 3D animation at Estienne (Paris). Then she continued her studies at EMCA in 2D specialization. In 2020, she left La Poudrière with her degree as a director of animated films. She directed the short film Bonjour Monsieur, her graduation film.
Between drama and lightness, Mouillette talks about our relationship to objects after the mourning of a loved one and how an object can be loaded with a heavy affect and memories.

This project has received a writing grant by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire and a residence programme financed by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire in partnership with La Poudrière and SACD. The director will be in residence from October 12th to November 12th.

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Mouillette by Joséphine Gobbi
10' / computer 2D, objects
At the death of their mother, Constance and Prudence meet in his seaside house to sort out his belongings. Each object is subject to debate between the two sisters: what should be kept? what should be given? In the middle of the plates and hats, Constance finds her egg cup from when she was little; but inadvertently her sister gives it to the second-hand dealer. Constance can’t stand it: you have to get the egg cup back.