Publié le 11/02/2021

The results for the César and Oscars 2021

The announcement of the Oscars and César is always one of the most exciting moment of the year and it's not one, but two good news that Ciclic Animation is proud to announce to us. Let’s discover the results together!

We are happy to announce that 4 the 4 films nominated this year for the César for the best animated short were supported by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire and hosted in residence in Ciclic Animation in Vendôme :
  • Bach-hông by Elsa Duhamel (Fargo)
  • And then the bear by Agnès Patron (Sacrebleu Productions)
  • Shoom's Odyssey by Julien Bisaro (Picolo Pictures)
  • Nettle Head by Paul Cabon (Vivement Lundi !)  
And in the feature film category :
  • Calamity, a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary by Rémi Chayé (Maybe Movies - Norlum)
But it’s not over! After the nominations of the Académie des César, it’s the Oscars' turn! Among the 10 films remaining in the shortlist for the Oscar for the best animated short film, one was supported by Ciclic Centre-Val de loire: 
  • Traces by Hugo Frassetto and Sophie Tavert Macian (Les Films du Nord)  
And a round of applause for all the teams!