Publié le 13/10/2020

Regional incubation residency : "Sulaimani" de Vinnie Ann Bose

Already in residence at Ciclic Animation for a postgraduate grants in partnership with the Poudrière school, Vinnie Ann Bose returns a second time for her short film Sulaimani thanks to a regional incubation residency.

Vinnie Ann Bose is graduated of the National Institute of Animation Film Design in Ahmedabad (India) and she continued her studies in France. In 2016, she joined the École de la Poudrière in Valence where she directed Dimanche Matin, which won the grand prize for the best graduation film at the Rennes National Animation Film Festival in April 2019.

Sulaimani is a combination of computer 2D and stop-motion short film about homesickness and comfort food.
He also talks about the culture, the traditions of India and the position of women.

This project has received a regional incubation residency. Director, Vinnie Ann Bose, will be in residence from October 12th to November 6th 2020.