Publié le 21/09/2022

Post-graduate Residency: "Dans le mille" by Salomé Chatelain

Salomé Chatelain is one of the winners of the Post-graduate grants 2021 in partnership with la Poudrière. She will stay at Ciclic Animation for a month in residency to work on the development of her project Dans le mille.

After a bachelor’s degree in illustration and animation in Belgium, Salomé Chatelain joined the Ecole de la Poudrière and graduated as an animation director in 2021.
This first project tells about the relationship between communication and sexual satisfaction, more specifically on the female side. The intention of the short film is to talk about the complexity of communicating and affirming one’s pleasure for a woman, despite the current discourses of emancipation.

This project has received a writing grant by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire and a residence programme financed by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire in partnership with La Poudrière. Director, Salomé Chatelain, will be in residence from September 15th to October 14th.
Dans le mille by Salomé Chatelain
10' / 2D animation
Gabrielle is 35 years old, and a multitude of sexual partners with whom she has a good time. Only No one leads her to orgasm. She is the only one who knows how to make herself come, and every time, it is in secret. One day, one of her partners, Guillaume surprises her. He insists on participating in the enjoyment of Gabrielle. Very disturbed by Guillaume’s involvement in his pleasure, Gabrielle will gradually learn to communicate about his desires and his desires.