Publié le 04/05/2022

New residency at Ciclic Animation : "Sweeter is the Night" by Fabienne Wagenaar

Winner of the Ciclic Prize for the short film pitches at the 2020 Rennes National Animation Film Festival, Fabienne Wagenaar begins her residency at Ciclic Animation for the production of her new film Sweeter is the Night.

After studying at the Arts décoratifs of Strasbourg, Fabienne Wagenaar joined the Poudrière school in Valence (France). She graduated in 2013 and directed Eclipse in animated paint, her graduation film and was in competition in several festivals. She also directed Le Manuscrit clandestin, Carte Postale and Rencontre diplomatique in stop-motion. Fabienne often uses experimental paint and charcoal techniques.

Sweeter is the night is a quest with the allure of an initiatory narrative.

This film, produced by JPL FILMS received production support. Director, Fabienne Wagenaar, will be in residence from May 3rd 2022 to September 30th 2022.

Sweeter is the Night by Fabienne Wagenaar
JPL Films / 15' / animated painting
A missionary disappears in a small West African harbour, as the country is preparing to become independent. A young officer sets off in search of him.