Publié le 19/04/2022

New residence: "Jean-Luc" by Hugo Glavier

On the way to a one-month residency at Ciclic Animation for young director Hugo Glavier, winner of the post-graduate grants in partnership with La Poudrière in 2020.

Hugo Glavier graduated from a DMA at the Estienne school in 2017, he continued his studies in Angoulême where he obtained a degree as an assistant director of animation at the EMCA. In 2018, he continued his studies at the School La Poudrière and obtained his degree as an animated film director in 2020. He directed Tonnerre, his graduation film. In 2019, he also directed Même pas peur! in cut-out paper and received the audience award at Espoirs de l'animation.

Jean-Luc is an animated documentary about the life of singer Jean-Luc le Ténia. A country rock star, a troubadour or a poet that Hugo Glavier wanted to honor through a documentary that explores the border between the character and its creator.

This project has received a writing grant by Ciclic and the Centre-Val de Loire Region and a residence programme financed by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire and La Poudrière. Director, Hugo Glavier, will be in the residence from April 11th to May 13th 2022.
Jean-Luc by Hugo Glavier
Animated Documentary / 15’ / 2D Animation, volume
Jean-Luc le Ténia had nicknamed himself «the best French singer in the world». With the song, he told his own life, without restraint, until he turned it into a legend the day he ended it. But behind the legend lived a man, Jean-Luc Lecourt. The Tenia was for Lecourt a mask with his own effigy. Today, the story of Jean-Luc le Ténia continues to live through his songs, gradually erasing the memory of Jean-Luc Lecourt.