Publié le 21/09/2022

New project in residence : Grey Sun by Camille Monnier

It’s time to tell you about the new residences. It's Camille Monnier who inaugurates the month of September with the production of her next short film Grey Sun until March 17, 2023.

Camille Monnier obtained a DMA in animation at the Estienne School in Paris and continued her studies at the EMCA in Angoulême and obtained her Assistant Director certificate in 2016.Camille participated in the production of the short film Même quand nous dormons for the series En sortant de l'École in 2017. Since then she has collaborated on various projects (Arte, Folivari...) as a director and animator. 
Grey Sun is a dramatic comedy and the second short film by Camille Monnier. The film explores the subject of adolescence and its fragility, its changing states, the search for others and for oneself… Placed in the context of the end of the world, it confronts the internal and individual collapse and the environmental and societal collapse.

This film, produced by Novanima received production support. Director, Camille Monnier, will be in residence from September 15th 2022 to March 17th 2022.

Grey sun by Camille Monnier
Novanima / 12' / 2D animation, animated painting
Under a scorching sun, Jess and Charlie, two 17-year-old girls hang out by the empty pool of a seedy motel, lost in the desert. The two cousins were instructed to keep the motel but they did not get along and bickered at every opportunity. While Jess on her deckchair is absorbed by reading her people magazine, Charlie is bored and dreams of going to the sea. On the radio, the monochoric voice of a leading collapsology researcher predicts an imminent end to the world. Tension rises, the ecological apocalypse announced on the waves suddenly bursts into reality.