Publié le 16/08/2021

"Métaphysique des Tubes" by Liane-Cho Han: in residence at Ciclic animation!

Adapted from Amelie Nothomb’s bestseller, Liane-Cho Han’s new project Métaphysique des Tubes will spend several weeks at the residence for the development of the film.

Liane-Cho is a French animator and storyboarder. A graduate of the Gobelins School in Paris in 2007, he works as an animator in feature films such as Lucky Luke: Tous à l'ouest and L'illusionniste by Sylvain Chomet. Then collaborates as a senior animator on the film Zarafa.
Liane-Cho’s experience in animation led him to start a career in storyboarding and to take part in films such as Asterix: Le Domaine des Dieux, Le Petit Prince et Tout en Haut du Monde where he will also be the supervisor of 2D animation.
Since 2018, he has been working with Rémi Chayé, on Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary, both in storyboarding and in animation direction.
Méthaphysique des Tubes is an autobiography of Amélie Nothomb, who tells her life from birth to three years old. 

This film, produced by aybe Movies and Ikki Films, received development support. The director, Liane-Cho Han, will be in residence from August 9th to October 8th 2021.