Publié le 12/10/2022

Louis Clichy’s feature film project: "Le Corset" in residence in Vendôme!

Louis Clichy began his residency in Ciclic Animation for the development of his feature film project Le Corset, a story about the father-son relationship with a tragic-comic touch.

Louis Clichy was born in Chartres, after a few years of history at La Sorbonne, he joined Les Gobelins school in Paris. Once he graduated with the film Jurannesic, Louis Clichy wrote, animated and directed the short film Mange! and A quoi sert l'amour ?, a film illustrated by a song by Edith Piaf. He is spotted by the American studios Pixar which he joins as animator. He first worked on Wall-E in 2008 and then on the feature film Là-Haut released in 2009. After three years in exile, Louis Clichy returns to France, directing the music video for Louise Attaque Du monde tout autour, produced by Eddy. Then, together with Alexandre Astier, he tackled the comic strip Asterix and Obelix. The two acolytes write and realize Asterix: the Domain of the Gods and four years later, Asterix - the Secret of the Magic Potion.

This film, produced by Eddy Production, received support for the development by Ciclic-Région Centre-Val de Loire. Louis Clichy, will be in residence from August 3rd October to 2nd December 2022.
Le Corset by Louis Clichy
Eddy / 80' / ink on paper
Christophe, an 11-year-old farm boy neglected by his father, mysteriously starts leaning to the side, to the point of falling. He falls everywhere, all the time, and even sends the family tractor to scrap. Far from attracting his father’s attention, he triggers his anger... and harvests a metal corset. An instrument of torture for a child with so much energy, and all this to prevent him from leaning. Too bad, if he does not lean, it is the world that will lean! Christophe then discovers a superpower of imagination: that of tipping over the horizon, and sending everything waltzing ...