Publié le 25/06/2019

"Émergences" by Ryo Orikasa at Ciclic Animation

New residence in Ciclic Animation with Ryo Orikasa's new project:  Émergences, an animated short film based on the book Misérables Miracles by Henri Michaux.

Ryo Orikasa studied at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts where he directed his gratuated film Scripta Volant selected in several festivals. In 2005, he received a grant and went to Montreal where he multiplied meetings and projects. His film Datum Point won a lot of prizes including the Noburo Ofuji Award and a selection in Annecy International Film Festival. 

Émergences is his new project based on the book Misérables Miracles by Henri Michaux who devoted a part of his reflection around hallucinogenic drugs. Ryo Orikasa mixed writing, painting, poetry and animation to transcribe the transcendental experiences of the author.

This project has received a production support for animated shorts. Director, Ryo Orikasa, will be in residence from May 20th to December 27th 2019.