Publié le 07/06/2021

A dose of love and emotion with "Next?" by Christel Guibert at Ciclic Animation

A speed-dating not quite like the others through the short film of Christel Guibert. The director will be at Ciclic Animation until 8th October 2021 for the production of Next?.

Initially an illustrator, Christel Guibert began working in animation in the 1990s as an assistant animator and intervallist for films such as La Prophétie des grenouilles de Jacques-Rémy Girerd or the series Mine de rien and Ma petite planète chérie produced by Folimage. After passing through the Poudrière school, she became the decorator and then animator on projects such as Phantom Boy by Gagnol and Felicioli or the series Tu mourras moins bête, season 2.

Next? is her first professional short film. He explores the subject of the difficulty of communicating. The short film shows «visually» these obstacles and puts authenticity, sensitivity and movement at the heart of the narrative structure. It is through the feeling of love that the film explores the behaviors and difficulties that the characters have in accepting their differences.

This film, produced by Folimage, received production support. The director, Christel Guibert, will be in residence from June 7th to October 8th 2021.