Publié le 15/03/2019

"Chandasma" : an animated feature film by David Restrepo in Ciclic Animation

The director David Restrepo will be in residence until 10th May for the development support of Chandasma with Miguel Gaban, animator. 

David Restrepo is a Colombian director and screenwriter. He has worked with a lot of audiovisual productions (Character Design and Concept Art). Chandasma is his first animated feature film.
Based on the memories of the director, Chandasma is a story about the importance of family, friendship and animal respect that shows how the most valuable things in life are thoses moments shared with our loved ones.

This project has received a development support for animated feature films by Ciclic Centre-Val de Loire. Director, David Restrepo, will be in residence from March 5th to May 10th 2019.