Publié le 18/05/2018

The winners of the professional commission for animated shorts films

The members of the jury met on Tuesday, April 24th 2018 to choose the winners of the professional commission for animated shorts films. The winning projects will have the privilege to benefit from a production support for shorts by Ciclic and the Centre-Loire Valley Region as well as a residence in Ciclic Animation.

Two winning projects :

  • Swamp de Paul Wenninger (Film de Force Majeure)
  • Flatastic de Alice Saey (Miyu Productions)


Swamp by Paul Wenninger (Films de Force Majeure)
Autria -  Pixilation, puppets - 15'
A human-sized, androgynous, ingenuous puppet sees the daily life of five characters who barely seem to notice it.They are all equipped with technological prostheses which, to varying degrees, help them live: an artificial leg, a pacemaker, an ocular implant. Or more simply headphones, Smartphones, a virtual reality headset. Despite their obvious loneliness, we gradually come to understand that these characters are all interconnected. Maybe even to the puppet itself, whose face has the strange capacity of changing according to the situation and its surrondings…

Flatastic by Alice Saey (Miyu Productions)
France - ink on paper, computer 2D - 10'
Pushed to their limit, the Manta Rays rise up against Man to take control of the Earth; it is the dawning of a new Manta Ray Era and the “flattening” of Mankind.