Publié le 08/01/2019

"Ugamú" : The winner of pitch MIFA Animation du Monde arrives in residence in Ciclic Animation

Growing up isn’t always so easy and Oscar and his imaginary friend Ugamù won't contradict you in the new series directed by Fabián Guamaní Aldaz. Fabian and his storyboard artist Miguel Rumanzew will be in residence in Ciclic Animation until 2nd February. 

Fabián Guamaní Aldaz is an Ecuadorian animator and director. He made two pre-school series: Super Felipe (2014-2016) and Kikuyo (2015) for Public Television. He's the writer and director of Frontera, short film winner of the Cinematographic Foment Funds 2015 and part of the Official Selection of the Film Festival of Animation Annecy 2017. In 2016, Fabian was selected to be part of Andimation, program accelerator of Andean animation projects, organized by The Animation Workshop and co-financed by UNESCO.
Ugamú is his new series wich talks about a permanent conflict between the desire to stay as a child and the enigma of taking the next step to adolescence.

This project is the winner of Ciclic's award at MIFA Pitch Animation du Monde in Annecy in 2018. The director, Fabián Guamaní Aldaz, will be in residence from January 2nd to February 1st 2019.