Publié le 18/05/2018

The new project of Lizete Upite at Ciclic Animation : "Riga’s Lilac"

It is with a great pleasure that Ciclic Animation welcomes Lizete Upite for the second time for her animated short film Riga’s Lilac, an animated short film with a smell of comic. 

Lizete Upite is gratuated from the Art Academy of Latvia in 2014. In 2013 she is graduated from La Poudriere in Valence (France) where she directed many animated short films including Carrousel, Urgence, Film d’Horror, Silence, action, Une Nuit sur le lac her graduation film bought by ARTE France. In 2015 the director joined the Projectiles's Residence at Valence (France) for her new project Riga’s Lilac. She worked on the script ans the storyboard.
In June 2016, she received Ciclic's Prize at the  Animation du Monde Pitches in Annecy. Riga’s Lilac is a story about human rights to stink. But in place of showing or talking directly about the smell, Lizete Upite wants to speak about the subject in a more subtle way, through its affect on our emotional state. 

This project has received a production support for animated shorts. Director, Lizete Upite, will be in the residence from April 11th to October 12th.