Publié le 08/01/2019

New animated short film in residence : « Navozande » by Reza Riahi

Discover a beautiful love story through the traditional persian music with Navozande the new cut outs animated short film by Reza Riahi. 

Reza Riahi was born in 1988 in Tehran. He studied art at Shahed University. In 2009, he works as character designer on severals TV projects then he integrates the École européenne supérieure de l’image (EESI) in Angoulême and graduates in arts (DNSEP) in 2012. Reza Riahi  studied at the animation film school La Poudrière in Valence where he directed animated flms including his graduation film Entre Chien et Loup which was selected in official competition in Annecy international film festival in 2015. Navozande (The Musician) is the new animated short film by Reza Riahi co-written with Annetta Zuchi. Affected by the suffering of people facing war or a political occupation, the director wants to remember his ancestors.

This project has received a production support for animated shorts by Ciclic and the Centre-Loire Valley Region. Director, Reza Riahi, will be in residence from October 1st to March 29th.